Saturday, June 25, 2016

Family History Conference at BYU in One Month!

These pictures are from last year's (2015) BYU Conference on Family History. I can't wait to attend again from July 26-29 - just one more month!

Here are the offered classes - the hardest part about the conference is choosing which class to attend during each hour! (Susan reminds me that you do get notes for each class as part of registration)

Please consider attending even if just for a day!  Friday has a 'track' of classes for Family History Consultants and is a great way to magnify your calling! (Plus there is a discount for current ward Family History Consultants)

However, this conference is for EVERYONE - there are different levels of classes, and most importantly, you are surrounded by the nicest people who will help you no matter your current understanding or knowledge about family history!


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